The Color Purple Crew Aims to Impress Oprah Winfrey

New Stars, Old Shoes

Fantasia Barrino and Danielle Brooks are diving into the shoes of Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey in the latest musical film adaptation of “The Color Purple.” While the stars of the 1985 version passed the torch, Barrino and Brooks are all about making Oprah proud. Barrino says they’re not here to change the game but to add a little extra flavor.

The Story Behind the Scenes

Oprah is not just sitting pretty; she’s a producer alongside Steven Spielberg, who directed the ’85 version. Whoopi, who nailed the role of Celie, has a cameo this time around. But no pressure, say the newbies. They’re just focused on keeping the essence alive while bringing their own spice to the roles.

Barrino’s Real-Life Spin

Barrino’s life story might have shaped how she approached the film. In her memoir, she revealed struggles with rape, teen pregnancy, and illiteracy. Just like Celie, her character, Barrino is a survivor. The film brings to light tough scenes of Celie facing abuse from her father and an abusive marriage. Yet, it’s a tale of strength and sisterhood, echoing themes of resilience. koin303

The Movie’s Take on Racism

Set in racially divided Georgia in the early 1900s, “The Color Purple” digs deep into racism and segregation. Barrino and Brooks believe the film, though portraying pain, is ultimately positive. Brooks emphasizes the beauty in the pain, hoping the stories will heal and resonate with the audience. According to her, “that’s where the joy lies.”

Why the Tale Still Resonates

Alice Walker’s classic from 1982, the book that inspired the film, won a Pulitzer Prize. The narrative continues to hold a mirror to racism and segregation, making it timeless. The stars feel honored to be part of such an honest story that digs into the realities of the early 20th Century.

From Book to Screen

Directed by Blitz Bazawule, “The Color Purple” incorporates Broadway musical elements with gospel, blues, and jazz. Both Barrino and Brooks were part of the stage musical, giving them a unique perspective on the characters. The new film hit screens on December 25, showcasing a star-studded cast, including Colman Domingo, Corey Hawkins, and Halle Bailey.

Critics and Awards Buzz

Critics have given the film a thumbs up, describing it as a “fun jolt of musical joy.” Awards season is heating up, with Screen Actors Guild Awards already nominating the movie for best ensemble. Bafta and Golden Globe nods for Barrino and Brooks hint at potential Oscar glory.